Let’s start this all off with a little background information. My name is Bas, I am 23 years old and I live in the eastern part of the Netherlands. I live with my parents. My current relationship status is single and I am always up for meeting new people. I spend my time by working, helping my friend at his own company, driving around with a friend for fun and sometimes gaming a littlebit. I don’t really game online though. Whenever I am gaming I’m playing GTA V, Skyrim or FIFA (career mode).

I started thinking about making blogs just about a year ago. I just never really took the time to start up a website and build it by my own. Now that I did, I am happy I did it. I am the type of person that doesn’t really like to open up about himself towards friends & family. Therefore, I thought: Let’s give it a go online. I might be able to help some people and vice versa. I feel like I have alot of things on my mind and I am planning to from now on share all those stories with you. If you want to know anything or want to tell me something, leave a comment or contact me.