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As writing this is a bit weird for me, I will just start. The reason that I’m writing these blogs is because I feel like everyone experiences similar situations and each person deals with it in it’s own way. I am trying to give you some insights in how I deal with happy moments aswell as the bad moments. It is also a way for me to get things off my chest, as I don’t really like opening up to my friends about how everything is going. They got their own things they need to worry about. Do you have any questions or comments? Please, contact me or leave a comment down below.

Today is a new day. New experiences, new challenges and a new beginning. I am currently in another city, mainly for some rest. Did COVID change things around me? How bad I’d like to say no, it unfortunately did. As time passed, things had become harder. I am experiencing less fun, more stress and more work. I used to hangout with my friend alot. Those times are sort of gone. There are 2 reasons for that. 1: We are not allowed to go outside after 22:00. 2: He started his own company and even though I am helping him out, it’s not the same. Everything is about the company. There are barely any moments like; ohh let’s go and drive somewhere and have some fun. The only time we actually get close to those moments it is only for company purposes, such as picking up materials or visiting a customer.

It bothers me. I want to work alot so that I can achieve my goals but it simply has to be compensated with a certain dose of fun. That’s why I am currently struggling with staying positive. It’s the same flow over and over: Wake up, go to work, come home, watch a movie and return to bed. Day in, day out, theres no change in that. I feel like I need to challenge myself to create more diversity, but on the other hand I am not quite sure how to do that. Taking a look at the upcoming days, weeks, months.. I just don’t see a real perspective of how it should go.

I barely meet new people, I have got a small group of friends, I haven’t got a girlfriend… Basically I don’t have enough distraction of the bad times. How will I reach it? I am not sure. I hope I can meet some new people and I certainly hope that these regulations around COVID will relax.

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